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Crossroads Coffee Roasters is a venture of the Bortel family, based in central Texas near San Antonio. We are a small business that is passionate about family and coffee. Our desire is to produce an excellent product while working together as a family. We believe that combining family and business is a wonderful way to pass our values on to the next generation. We encourage our children to be involved with the business and include them whenever possible. Whether it be roasting or receiving, shipping or sweeping, making labels or making lunch, most everyone can help in some way.

Our journey in coffee started many years ago while Dave was working with mainframe computers. Due to the long hours that were required of him (up to 36 hours in a single stretch), much coffee was consumed...but not enjoyed. He would mask the horrible taste of the coffee with cream and sugar.

Fast forward through several years of drinking bad tasting coffee only out of necessity to a time when a friend showed him a strange looking small appliance that roasted enough coffee to brew a single pot. It was a neat concept, but Dave could not understand why someone would go through all that trouble just to make a pot of coffee...until he tasted it! "This can't be coffee. It's smooth, not bitter. What is it?" was Dave's reaction. Sure enough, it really was coffee. It was good and didn't need the cream and sugar to hide the taste.

Since then, the family has consumed, and been consumed by, coffee. We acquired some green (raw) coffee and a hot-air popcorn popper and started roasting our own coffee. Friends would try our coffee and became hooked. Some have even learned how to roast their own. We bought several table-top roasters to keep up with requests.

Due to the unrelenting demands of Dave's job at a Fortune 200 company, the entire family decided it would be best for him to resign and walk away from the steady paycheck in exchange for having more flexibility and time to spend with the growing family.

Since our early days of roasting coffee, we have been encouraged by family and friends to start a business selling our fresh roasted coffee. After much prayer, research and encouragement, we replaced our home roasters with commercial equipment, bought hundreds of pounds of raw coffee, built a web site, and turned our passion for family and coffee into a family coffee business.

We hope you enjoy drinking our coffee as much as we enjoy roasting it.

The Bortel Family